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The Biblical Chronologist (1995)
The Mother's Companion (1995)
Mulberry Lane Farm (1996)
Dr. Aardsma's Drills (2000)
Dr. Aardsma's Saxon Math Checker (2010)
Aging: Cause and Cure (2020)
Dr. Aardsma's Vitamins (2021)


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The background image shows apparatus used in the synthesis of methylphosphine (MeP) in the old ARP chemistry lab in February, 2016. This synthesis enabled measurements to be made on MeP which were important for understanding how the anti-aging vitamins, methylphosphonic acid (MePA) and methylyphosphinic acid (MePiA) were produced and distributed in nature. This, in turn, enabled the long life spans of ancient individuals recorded in the early books of the Bible to be modeled quantitatively, effectively explaining human aging and eliciting its cure for the first time ever. (Click here to see just the background image.)

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